Day 13: 30 in 30 on 30


This is a near and dear subject to my spirit and write with sensitivity and gratitude. I am forever thankful for those who have stuck with me and have loved me in the deepest and darkest and messy moments of IMG_0798my life. I am forever grateful for them because they have loved me and haven’t chosen to take the easier path.

I am moved by my friends. Like my dear friend Grace who has loved me well and has chosen the higher path when I get mad. She forgives me and speaks truth and life. She doesn’t hold the wrongs against me. I have found that a friend does stick as close or closer than a brother. Those moments when you are so afraid you don’t know what else to do except call out to God and say help. And then I phone her if I still don’t have peace. Love speaks loudly and gently against raging fear.

If I could go back to my teen days, I do sometimes, through pictures and music and old journals. I let memories and emotions and even what I am wearing flood over me. A sense of nostalgia sweeps me away. I am reminded of the times of Mariah Carey and performing to the audience of none. I loved singing and dancing around in my weekday underwear. I remember the friendships I had, the best friend necklaces and where we went on the weekends and the occasional weeknight, if it was really fun!

Seasons come and go with friends. It’s truly painful to let someone go. We have our reasons. Loosing a friend is as painful as loosing a lover.

Some friends prove they are worth it. Friendships take time and investment and effort and communication and pain sometimes. Some friends move and get married. Other friends have wild crazy adventures with other random friends and you wonder how did you guys end up together in this big world? I don’t know about you but when a person comes along who shows you what true friendship means- to quite frankly give a damn, I hold tight to them and contend for our friendship. The enemy comes to steal kill and destroy but Jesus comes to give you life and life abundantly. Friends don’t loose sight of what’s important.

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