Part 7: 30 in 30 on 30.

Day 7

I know a guy named Tony. He refused to succumb to the ideals society placed on him. To go to school. Get a good job. Work at a desk. That wasn’t him. Instead he followed his passion of snowmobiling. Now he is one of the best in the world; traveling, making money doing what he loves. #👊

Passion. We all have it
Unfortunately it’s a term. A thing. A hot word. Trendy. Industry self-help term. I’m not into trendy. What I am into, is keeping it real and keeping it real with others. Honestly, we don’t have time to deny what we secretly like. Seriously. If you like hot fudge sundaes with 4 churros sticking out the top like a water fountain own it. #soho

If you secretly want to go to clown school because you want to improve your comedy#doit. If you like making fancy paper planes and watching them fly- yes! Stop denying the things you love. People judge me for still going to bars but you know what my favorite thing to do is dance and talk to drunk guys about Faith and Beliefs. I give men and woman prophetic words, talk about Jesus and show the love of God while sharing a beer. It’s fun, my heart is incredibly happy, and the next morning my prayer is they are closer to finding God.


Passion is a funny thing. I have personally denied what I love. In the end you really are hurting yourself. Don’t do it. It’s how you were hardwired. You have been given this love for a reason!

If you were given a week to live what would you be truly devastated you didn’t get to do be see accomplish feel touch taste experience?





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